Village is a church captured by the gospel.  The good news of Jesus' death and resurrection is the center and glue of our church.  This is our heartbeat.  It gives us our identity, draws us together in community, and compels us to spread out in mission.  

And this heartbeat gives rise to three central motions at Village: by it we love God, we love one another, and we love our city.

First, we love God.  We have come face to face with the incredible reality that the God we ran from has pursued us in love.  As a result, through Jesus, the Judge has become our Father, and we rebels have been welcomed home, washed and embraced with love indescribable.  Now, it is our joy and privilege to submit our hearts to God in love and whole-life worship.  We learn about who God is in the Scriptures, so we study the Bible, preach right through the text on Sundays and keep the word as the central authority of our lives.  But we also love God by responding to what we see about Him, in song, prayer and with our very lives as we seek to live obediently and faithfully.

Second, we love one another.  As the love with which we have been loved fills us, it doesn't stop coming, but spills over.  As a result, we are enabled to live as humans were always intended to: with overflowing love toward one another.  Because we have learned love from Jesus Himself, we learn to serve sacrificially, to seek the good of our brothers and sisters, to know those who are different than us, to patiently love our enemies and forgive those who wrong us.  Furthermore, we eagerly enter into intentional relationship with one another, helping one another follow Jesus more faithfully.

Finally, we love our city.  The overflow of God's Spirit-implanted love (Rom. 5:5) extends not only to our fellow followers of Jesus, but also into the city in which we live.  Good news is meant to be proclaimed!  Jesus commissioned His church to go and make disciples, and we recognize that the commission yet stands.  So we are intentional to spread the good news in our relationships, in our spheres of influence and in our neighborhoods.  Additionally, we seek to do good to the city around us, to reflect the goodness of God, and the ethic of heaven in our broken world.

Join us for worship Sundays at 10am.

This is a brief overview of what beats at Village’s center.  For more information about what we believe and how this all works out, click on the link below.